Super sized: McDonald's goes big with burgers again, but why exactly?

04/08/15 by Rennie Detore

Bigger might be better, but in the case of fast food and hamburgers, that isn't the always the case.
The fast food industry has had more than just a black eye, let's call it an out and out shiner, as it relates to the image of this type of delicacy and its relationship to obesity and the epidemic that is the masses struggling with losing weight.
In recent years, the heavy hitters of the fast food industry, namely the McDonald's, Wendy's and Subway, have entered into more of a slimming showdown rather than an out and out buffet busting brawl, and have made it a point to introduce healthier options for their menus, even if their bread and butter (particularly for the burger chains) is beef, beef and more beef.

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Where's the beef going if salads and grilled chicken are all the rage? Well, for most burgers still rank as the most popular item, but public relations and image suggest that salads and other health conscious foods are more about hamming it up for the general consumer rather than actually caring about keeping the menu healthier.
Case in point is McDonald's bucking the trend of trim and introducing super sized burgers of epic portions for all to see and, hopefully for McDonald's, consume. These massive hamburgers can't help but draw at least a bit of a crowd, and even catch the attention of those healthy eaters who are dropping salad forks across the country to take a glimpse at these crowd pleasing sandwiches.
So why is McDonald's deciding to bring big and sexy back as it relates to its burgers? Chances are, the time is right for the burger chain to break the chains off its lettuce and yogurt ways over the past few years and start reliving its past glory when hamburgers were judged as the greasier, the better.
Those Golden Arches are starting to rust as McDonald's is experiencing a serious downturn in sales, suggesting maybe that consumers aren't necessarily enamored with what the menu has to offer, whether it is the same Big Mac, French Fries or breakfast foods that seem incredible stale and predictable.
With that, McDonald's is busting out the sirloin burgers, which are delicious and pricey, another concern for the company and its lagging sales numbers. Will consumers want to pay a premium for a burger that is busting out at the seams?
McDonald's is banking on its or else Ronald and company are going to have to go back to the kitchen and cook up another idea to revolutionize the fast food industry.

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