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Tanning planning: Why self tanning is healthier but harder to apply

How many times have you applied tanning lotion, sun bathed at the beach or just showed off that glorious glow and had someone compliment you on just how wonderful you looked?
They probably gushed over your sun soaked skin, whether it is real or fake, and told you how healthy you looked and that you have some much needed color on your face, that blend of sun darkened skin and orange glow that wows just about everyone who sees you and is so remarkably jealous as a result.
As far as self tanning goes, you often see popularity around this product abound quickly as spring turns into summer and you realize that overly pale arms aren't going to get any better by staring at them in the mirror.
And with that, you head off to the store to buy the latest and greatest bottle of self tanner to avoid the damaging UV rays of the neighborhood tanning salon or hopping in a stand up bed at the local gym. But do you know exactly how to put the lotion on correctly, without looking like you're overly orange with blotches all over your skin?
What most do incorrectly is start applying the tanning lotions or sprays without having their skin washed, dried completely and as clean as possible. You want to make sure, when possible, that you really scrub your skin clean so that the spray can cling to the cleanliness.

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Washing your hands is paramount as well, but not just after you've completed the entire process of self tanning. What you want to try to do is wash your hands each time you finish a section, such as doing your legs and then washing hands immediately. The reason you want to section off your body is to avoid streaks and lines once the cream dries. And you want to implement long, fluid strokes when applying the tanning lotion, rather than doing a circular motion as though you're waxing your car.
The blending part can be a little trickier, but you have to blend at the joints, typically where you have the most movement, such as wrists, ankles and knuckles on your fingers.
Having that perfectly glowing body is partly what summer is about, and for those who don't want to tan or don't tan well in the actual sun have the option of self tanning. That is all well and good unless you have no clue how to apply it correctly.

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