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Totally busted: Why not all gadgets and technology takes flight

When the late Steve Jobs would call a press conference to announce the latest and greatest innovation from Apple, most of the country would immediately take notice and mark that date on the calendar.
Not everyone, however, has that luxury of all eyes focused and dedicated on a particular piece of technology or gadget. Not everyone has the credibility and clout that Jobs did, but even his brilliance faltered from time to time.
So if Jobs didn't always have success with one of his creations, it's not surprising that other larger scale debuts and piece of technology that promises consumers the world not only didn't deliver but failed to capture any sort of audience or piece of revenue.
In some cases, these products are flat out flops.
What exactly constitutes a flop? Well, a lot of elements come into play when a product can't connect to the right audience. Often times, price precludes the purchase since not everyone has the extra income to dump into a product, even one that promises convenience. In terms of convenience, you also have to look at these gadgets and ultimately determine if they deliver as promised. Most of the time, when a product doesn't do well, it's because the idea may have sounded good on paper but didn't translate in the open market.

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And finally, what about products that emulate something that already exists, and attempts to either do it better or just create something for a piece of the market share. Think of the Zune, an MP3 player similar to the Apple iPod that absolutely faltered in the face of competition from the latter.
One product that fits the financial mold is the Segway, a motorized cart that was built and bred for mass consumption, no one bought it due to a price tag that was beyond hefty. You've probably seen these stand up scooters in movies, but you'll be hard pressed to find one in a garage somewhere.
Google Glass and the Amazon Fire phone are newer releases compared to the Segway, but each caused serious problems for their respective companies. Google Glass is just what is sounds like: the ability to have a computer on your face in the form of glasses. Guess what? Sounds wonderful but no one cares, and the technology is floundering.
The Fire smart phone is about as cold as you can get as far as the chilly reception it received from consumers. The phone was pricey and poor, not a tremendous combination, and Amazon still is reeling from this horrific hangover that cost them hundreds of millions of dollars.
The goal when piecing together a gadget or technology is focusing on consumer interest, price points and really wondering if convenience plays enough of a role. Remember, not everyone is the billionaire owner of Apple and can withstand a few flops from time to time.

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