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Cold Shoulder: Keep Winter-related Ailments At Bay Takes Minimal Effort

From flu-shots to hand sanitizer, winter is sadly more than the thoughts of holiday shopping, building snowmen and sipping on hot chocolate.
Battling fellow consumers for the latest and greatest holiday products pales in comparison as far as annoyances go when it comes to tackling a cold, the flu, dry, cracked skin or anything else winter heaps on you.
Health-conscious heavyweights and those inclined to begin battling any number of viruses or bacterial infections set to unleash within the confines of winter schedule flu shots, avoid contact with sick persons and pretty much wash their hands until there is little or no skin left.
Those practices certainly are preventative gold as far as keeping germs at bay. But, those old-school staples could use a little help.
Not everyone has a penchant for pills, over-the-counter drugs or medicines made specifically for combating the common cold or the flu. Those who opt for a more holistic, herbal approach probably comb the aisles of health-food stores and specialty shops in search of all-natural equalizers. Those stores and shops might be a bit tough to come by based on your geography but online retailers such as Pharmaca reside as renowned in terms of remedies that use more appealing ingredients.

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For example, Pharmaca offers Plantiva ColdDX, a duel threat in that it helps relieve common cold symptoms but also neutralizes that feeling of exhaustion once warm weather turns cold. The flu is equally as paralyzing thus Pharmaca offers the flu version of Plantiva ColdDX -- Blue Poppy Cold Quell. The big selling point of the Blue Poppy Cold Quell is that it is devoid of artificial ingredients.
In addition to a line of products for colds, coughs, sore throats and the flu, Pharmaca offers over-the-counter natural products for just about anything that ails you.
Although not often on the radar is the same way the cold and flu is, dry skin is remarkably common when the air turns cold. Those who work in the elements on a daily basis suffer from staring down at their hands after a hard day of work only to see white, dry skin lines and knuckles and fingertips that are, to say the least, worn.
A daily regimen of skin oil, moisture-rich cream and specialized face and hand wash typically does the trick. Finding a quality product that doesn't do more harm than good is also recommended. Something from the Exederm product line is a safe bet as their items were created for babies but work wonders for adults with dry skin exacerbated by cold weather or other skin-related issues such as Ecezema.
Who wouldn't mind having their scalp, hands, face and feet babied a little bit, especially in the winter months?
At the very least, minimizing the effects and symptoms of anything associated with frigid months will allow you to enjoy the positive aspects of winter, while keeping everything else out in the cold.

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