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Tummy troubles: Why can't you get rid of your belly?

What is one word you would use to describe your belly, namely the extra fat you're carrying around your midsection?
Lovable (highly unlikely, but maybe).
One word that is used quite a bit is "stubborn," suggesting that some individuals desperately want that tummy fat gone and have tried but still haven't been able to best that belly once and for all. If you're like most people, you've tried everything from exercise to diet and anything in between, whether you're sweating within the confines of a group fitness class, hustling on the treadmill or elliptical or simply cutting back on a few calories here and there in the hopes that those "skinny jeans" or work pants aren't totally out of the question at some point.

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So let's say you've been doing all the things necessary to lose weight and trim down your stomach, but have yet to see the kind of results you're hoping for or, at the very least, any progress whatsoever. What exactly is keeping you from losing that stubborn belly fat?
What most people fail to realize is that losing weight in the stomach is the hardest spot on the body to tame, but yet is the highly focused on because of how an overgrown stomach looks in clothing (or without)
Losing fat around your stomach isn't so much about crunches or ab exercises at the gym but rather focusing on burning calories but more importantly the diet you implement. Often times exercise is used as a bartering tool as it relates to weight loss; some assume that exercise is a trade off and they can simply eat whatever they want.
That mentality makes for quite the long, arduous road to get from the proverbial point A to B, which translates into a difficult time losing weight.
You also must consider other factors when trying to drop pounds:
Are you stressed? Being upset or depressed can cause you to gain weight and have trouble getting rid of it.
Are you eating enough? A huge misstep committed by the masses is the idea that cutting calories (fat namely) is paramount, and while that is true to some extend, "good" fats like the ones found in salmon or olive oil help you to lose weight.
The dedication you've been showing in the gym and in the kitchen won't go unnoticed but sometimes you'll lose sight of the little things that are big hurdles holding you back.

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