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Drive scheme: Is your car salesperson trustworthy?

Ask the average consumer who they distrust the most, and the answer indefinitely comes back the same every time: car salesperson.
These shifty, would be shady persons comb dealerships like they're pacing around a prison, or at least that is the impression most would be buyers like to give as far as their experiences dealing with car dealerships in general and the sales employees specifically.
Almost every person who has purchased a car has the proverbial war story as it relates to being locked in a room until they say "yes" or having their own car keys taken from them and being held hostage so they can test drive any number of cars until they absolutely buy something.
In short, you, as a consumer, want to be certain that your salesperson and where they're working reeks of honesty and being totally up front with anything from costs you might not consider or something as simple as the availability of the vehicle.
The first and most obvious red flag you'll see (and hear) from a car salesperson that isn't the most credible is flat out lying about the car you want. They'll tell you that it might not be available and they'll have to check on it, or perhaps you'll hear something along the lines of the fact that you'll have to pay extra because they don't have it in stock. Both of those statements aren't even close to being true. Car dealerships keep new vehicles in stock and ready to go; anyone who uses those tired lines is trying to up the price because they think you'll pay for a premium.

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You also want to be incredibly skeptical when a car salesperson wants to talk to his manager (usually a sign that nothing behind those close doors is going to happen) or if they tell you that price you saw advertised doesn't really pan out as being the one you'll see in front of you when you're checking the bottom line.
That bait and switch tactic is more on the dealership than the person selling the car, but it still means you're at a place of business that isn't worth your time and especially not your money. And speaking of money, the biggest hook you'll be fed is when they focus on what you tell them you want to pay monthly, and they proceed to make that number work by not changing the sticker price but just adding months or years to the term, so a five year payment schedule is turned into six years.
Not exactly the kind of customer service you want, but rather more like a magic show gone wrong.
Rather than be wowed and dazzled by deception, you should just stick to the basics and make the car salesperson show you the very bottom line and leave everything in black and white, because you don't want to deal in the shades of gray they're accustomed to using.

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