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Baby steps: Why certain gifts stand as salvation for new parents

New parents certainly have their work cut out for them.
Life as they know it changes at the moment they welcome their first child into the world, but at that same time practicality sets in at some point and you begin to think about things like work schedules, time management and exactly how this beautiful bundle of joy is going to alter how you went about your day before this momentous occasion.
Thankfully, you have plenty of friends and family that are dying to not only visit the baby but ultimately make your life easier with either donating their time or finding gifts and other gadgets that can at least alleviate some of the bumps along the way as being new parents.
Easily the best gift any friend or family member can offer a new parent is their time, whether that is an offer to babysit or to run a simple grocery store errand so that mom and dad can have more time to spend with their baby, rather than running around when they find a moment of free time. Maybe dad wants to watch a football game on Sunday, but he hasn't had the time, nor would be ask for it, with enjoying the benefits of fatherhood for the first time. You might offer him a few hours to spend with his friends so he can relax and unwind.
Beyond offering time, friends and family might contemplate buying any number of baby related (or non baby related) gifts that center on convenience.

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For example, maybe mom is a die hard, bed time reader but she's also tasked with holding the baby while she's fumbling through a book and subsequent marker and the not so clever book light that clips to your old school, hard back novel. That mom might be inclined to switch from traditional book to some sort of electronic reader so that she's got her hands free to enjoy her quiet time and rest comfortably with the baby beside her.
Mom, and dad too, would appreciate some sort of relaxing, and the easy bet for that is to purchase them some sort of massage or spa day so they can take their mind off baby bottles, late night feedings and everything else newborn baby related for at least few hours while they pamper themselves and find some much need rest.
New parents absolutely cherish any and everything they'll be experiencing with their new baby for the first time. The support they receive from the people who love them is also much appreciated, and can come in many forms, as they transition from being the happy couple to the even happier family.

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