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Simple stupid: Why fashion for men should just keep it basic

The fashion police were out in droves at the American Country Music Awards, which is always expected any time an award show is happening. This year, however, fashion for men took a bit of the center stage away from dresses, gowns and anything else in between for women.
The men did something on a grandiose, national stage that any man can take to heart: keep the fashion simple. Plenty of these country music rockers double as heartthrobs all day, every day, but rather than try to glam up their wardrobes, they kept their style simple and to the point.
Several of these country music men scaled back their looks and ditched the cowboy hats and collared shirts and instead rocked a more traditional attire, such as jeans, white or solid colored T shirts and a nice pair of "kickers" (yes, that means boots).
So can the white shirt, in all its boredom and being so overtly plain, really set the entire world on fire from a fashion standpoint for men? Well, of course, some will argue that the interest set forth by wardrobe has more to do with the men wearing it, rather than the actual look.
To that point, you have to point to the plethora of fashion and style gurus and experts who have lauded the country music superstars who have decided to break out something a little simplified, rather than trying to be overly complicated.

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The average man, on a day to day basis, might want to think about implementing this style for his own purposes. Whether he's hosting a cookout, spending the day at an amusement park in the summer months or wanting to enjoy an evening out in a more casual, yet appropriate way, the white T shirt and jeans combination is a definite winner.
That said, you don't have to limit the T shirt color to just white, but you'll want to stick with a solid color (think spring and summer cooler colors like blue and green; steer clear of blacks and purples). As for the jeans, boot cut jeans have seen better days, so you'll want something more relaxed or loose fit if you're an older man and the tapered leg look still rules for the 20 something crowd.
In any event, simple is hardly stupid. In fact, you could argue that back to basics is the best decision men can make this summer.

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