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Home bound: Some repairs, upgrades worth passing on

Buying a new home takes equal parts patience and persistence. You know exactly what you want and have the right to be picky about anything you see as part of the process.
The real tricky part comes once you've purchased the house and moved in, because you'll undoubtedly come across repairs and fix ups you either missed initially, or they weren't an integral part of buying the home as far as precluding you ultimately deciding to purchase.
These renovations hardly would be considered major but rather preference bleeding through on certain eye sores, for instance, that you want changed.
What you may want to consider, however, is if you're financially capable of doing this work and realistically if it actually needs done at all (or, if nothing else left alone for a while until time and money aren't a factor).
Obviously, things like holes in the roof, faulty plumbing, insect infestation and sub par wiring throughout the house would be found during the inspection process and wouldn't be part of this discussion, provided your inspection person or service isn't also questionable.

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These would be fixes are more out of personal opinion and preference rather than a need or must have. Take for instance the propensity of some to immediately want to repave a stone driveway, even though the latter isn't doing anyone any harm. Even worse is the penchant of some to not only pave the driveway but go above and way beyond with attributes like having the drive heated, for example.
Another real tough financial pill to swallow and one that is done by the new homeowners' hand is buying new appliances for the house. One of the bigger pluses of buying a new home is that most disclosures include all of the appliances already located in the house, including washer and dryer as well in most instances.
This isn't so much accepting what you don't want but rather taking a harder look at your money and what you have to accomplish and determine if it is worth it or not. Fixing everything in one fell swoop makes little sense unless you have the means to do it. Otherwise, priority thinking rules and not only will save you money but keep you from resenting moving in the first place.

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