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Cheap safe: Watching your money and being conservative makes perfect sense

Sometimes the word "cheap" is met with such a negative meaning that people often shy away from assuming that label. Truthfully, being cheap isn't all that bad as most who live that way would call it smart budgeting and acumen to save money.
Call it what you want, but most who watch their money closely are the ones who aren't fretting about retirement or being able to take vacation or buy a new wardrobe if that need to because they have the extra income all of us would desire to have.
So how exactly does one live the frugal lifestyle?
You can look at that a number of ways, and there really isn't a right or wrong answer per say. Plenty of money saving superstars will tell you that they buy in bulk, freeze what they can't use right away or they'll be clipping (or in today's day and age using coupon sites online) to save even a few cents to a couple dollars that they'll argue will add up quickly.
But those ideas are the easy ones. Those who save money by the handfuls look far beyond the obvious to really put emphasis on saving. Think outside the box and perhaps start perusing online to buy items you'd normally think wouldn't really fit that internet mold.

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Some smart shoppers buy everything from medicine to electronics online as vendors in that forum will fight for your business and you'll emerge as the winner.
The grocery store often takes a huge chunk out of budgeting, but those in the know decide to use coupons but also make it a point to price check and shop at the store that gives them the best deal. They'll also be quick to know the pricing of just about everything on the shelves and whether it can be purchased somewhere else cheaper. They also don't shy away from visiting multiple stores; granted, that might take more out of your car from a gas perspective, but smarter shoppers plan their route accordingly to make it as efficient as possible.
The grocery store connects to not only how much you spend on food but also the way you eat. You want to keep that healthy regimen so that can be difficult in some cases, so that's why shopping is so prudent as it pertains to how much you spend.
Being "smart" versus "cheap" aren't interchangeable words as it relates to saving money. The former just means you're entering every expense with eyes wide open and thus saving in the process.

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