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Hollow(ween): Frightful Costumes Could Lead To Equally Scary Amounts Of Halloween Candy

Is there such as thing as a healthy Halloween?
And no, not healthy like a prudent, fun filled choice of a Halloween costume, one that is a combination of unique, contemporary and superb.
Where does the word "skinny" find its way into the picture?
Truthfully, most kids don't get too excited when they're in the midst of Trick or Treating and they get an apple, orange or banana plopped into their bag o goodies in place of a candy bar or other sweet treat.
Somewhere between a piece of fruit and a candy bar chalked full of fat is a happy medium. Halloween is supposed to be enjoyable but no one is suggesting taking the fun out of the holiday, just perhaps adding a little health to it.

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Parents certainly put a huge emphasis on kids eating healthy, especially if that means forgoing pounds of candy on October 31 in favor of at least a modicum of mindful treats on that day or night. So if you're a consumer that wants to lend a helping hand to a healthier Halloween, you definitely have options.
Fruit snacks are a nice alternative but more often than not they're filled with as much sugar as a candy bar. Funky Monkey makes plenty of waves as being a health conscious snack that includes real fruit as an ingredient but minus the inclusion of artificial flavors or sugar. The snacks taste great and are remarkably packaged from a marketing standpoint so kids rush to devour before they even realize that what they're eating is healthy.
In that same vein comes Sparx, a specialized, fruity candy that is made with Xylitol, which helps combat tooth decay. Sparx isn't a sluggish, sour candy by any means but rather one that tastes as though it came off the grocery store shelf next to the Three Musketeers Bar or a pack of Mentos. Sparx Candy is an ironic twist in relationship to Halloween: it can be enjoyed as a candy of choice while it also helping to fight off the other candy that sticks to kids' teeth and thus creates a haven for plaque. A bag of Sparx Candy rivals that of other candy in terms of both taste and price, less than $.25 per piece for Sparx.
Halloween is filled with fun, fervor and fantastic creativity from both parents and kids in terms of costumes. Just because this particular holiday is deeply rooted in chocolate and candy debauchery doesn't mean that a little sprinkle of some healthy alternatives should spook any would be Halloween enthusiast.

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