Diet popped: Safety of diet pills comes in forefront again

04/22/15 by Chasity McLeod

For years, the safety of diet pills has been ferociously debated. And for the most part, the discussion tends to push toward the side of skepticism, if not out and out negativity.
Trainers, nutritionists and anyone else from the health and wellness sector argue specifically the point that diet pills are not only a quick fix but they're incredibly dangerous to those who take them. Those inclined to defend diet pills argue that they work, only as directed, and that the goal isn't so much to find just any diet pill but rather locate a reputable company that can be trusted in terms of what is safe and what isn't.
The latter argument is one that is hard to digest, particularly given the bad press diet pills receive on almost a daily basis. For instance, a 21 year old British woman accidentally overdosed on diet pills a little more than a week ago. The ingredient that was deemed toxic was DNP, which stands for dinitrophenol. The young lady, identified as Eloise Aimee Parry, took eight pills and was found unresponsive. She died later after her heart stop, and she couldn't be revived.

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Parry isn't the first person to die from ingesting DNP, as reports have indicated up to 60 people have died from the ingredient. Part of the issue transcends diet pills as a whole and focuses more on where these products can be purchased.
Parry reportedly bought the diet pills online, but several news outlets questioned just how reputable the site was where the item was purchased. The trouble with ordering medicine, diet pills included, online stems from the lack of regulation being pushed for these various sites that lack credibility but perhaps offer quick shipping, low prices and certain diet pills that, while highly questionable, remain high on consumers' lists.
Of course experts urge would be diet pill users to either not use them at all and instead opt for better means of weight loss and management, such as personal training or nutrition. If diet pills still sound like your best bet, you always should research the provider and site as a whole to ensure safety is first and foremost.
The real dilemma for most who turn to diet pills is they've probably struggled to lose weight in more traditional ways, mostly because it is hard to drop pounds quickly. That lack of success undoubtedly pushed them toward diet pills as being fast acting salvation that usually disappoints and is, quite frankly, terribly unhealthy for the consumer.
And while some diet pills are FDA approved and could be considered useful for losing weight, you can't undervalue hard work in the gym or eating right as being the only real way you'll get healthier. Diet pills were created to prey on a part of the marketplace that is frustrated, but even the most disgruntled dieter can't ignore the harsh reality associated with this method of weight loss.

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