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Food scores: Why some foods should never be in your diet

Have you ever wondered by exercising alone doesn't do much to change your physical appearance?
Naturally, you feel better, have more energy and everything else you've ever been promised as it relates to exercise. While the sweat and some tears might be enough to satiate your appetite for feeling better, most would tell you that the real goal is losing weight and watching pounds magically fall off over time so that clothes fit better and, quite frankly, you like what you are looking at in the mirror.
After about two months of working out, a friend of mine realized he was not getting the kind of results he had hoped for, not even close actually. In the meantime, I had lost five pounds, but gained muscle mass that was remarkably noticeable. In fact, someone commented to me that they didn't recognize me at first glance from a physique standpoint.
My friend and I did the same workouts: weights, body weight exercises and played basketball. The difference between the two of us, however, was quite easy to spot the moment we sat down at a dinner table or stopped for lunch after one of our many workouts.
You see, my lunch consisted of iced tea (unsweetened), grilled chicken, sweet potato, salad and a vegetable, usually green beans or carrots as broccoli, a true winner as a side dish vegetable wise, has just too much fiber content for my stomach to handle.

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On the flip side, my friend had that same iced tea, but dumped in one Splenda packet after another on each refill. As you know, Splenda is artificial sweetener, and also serves to make you feel hungrier with the more you consume it. Furthermore, his main course and side dishes were devoid of any salad and instead consisted of salty hams and other cured meats, meatloaf or country fried steak. If chicken found its way on to his plate, it was deep fried and breaded. In addition, his sides were fried potatoes or something of the mashed variety. His did, however, include beans, which are rich in fiber as well.
The real killer for my friend was the starter: cornbread and biscuits. And, he didn't have just one or two. Try four, sometimes five and always loaded with butter.
His weight loss woes have little to do the time and effort he's putting into the gym but rather his oblivious way he's eating on a daily basis. And his dietary habits don't just happen in front of my eyes. He's already said his breakfast and other meals are quite similar. The news isn't all bad; he'll snack from time to time on fruit, he says. Then, he'll say how we wakes up at night, drinks two glasses of whole milk and a handful of cookies because he's "hungry," not knowing that eating late is a metabolism killer and weight gaining gateway.
But he's not alone by far in this practice. A lack of education as it relates to what to eat is what holds back the majority of people trying to lose weight. They don't know how to eat or they'll adopt eating practices that just make no sense (like only eating dinner).
Exercise goes a long way to help with weight loss and wellness, but it alone won't help you cross that much anticipated finish line you've been eyeing for quite some time.

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