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Flawed training: Why exercise is so easily done incorrectly

Personal trainers are quite the polarizing group. Plenty of gym goers would argue that these individuals are the difference between reaching their full exercising potential, while others believe that they're more than capable of lifting weights, doing some sort of cardiovascular work and losing weight on their terms.
But those who consider themselves novice exercisers often struggle between the inconsistency of their workouts and seeing the kind of results they want. More importantly, the one element that often is overlooked in regard to personal training is the abundance of injuries and not doing exercises correctly, thus leading to stopping the workout for recovery purposes and perhaps never picking up where they stopped.
Would be exercisers stop working out, once they join the gym in January and then slowly lose interest in April. One of the main reasons is lack of variety in the exercises you choose and thus not seeing the results you want and quitting almost on the spot. Injuries, however, play a huge role in that as well. Those new to exercise aren't educated on how to properly workout and, despite having the best intentions, end up trying too hard or doing too much too soon and suffering a setback they never overcome.
Beyond performing exercises incorrectly, trainers also spot plenty of other mistakes as part of being at the gym. One of the reasons injuries occur is a lack of not only knowledge of how to workout but the propensity to skip the stretching and warm up portions of working out. That flaw is the foundation of injuries and thus discontinuing your workouts.
While it isn't so much considered an injury but certainly can halt your workout is a lack of nutrition and hydration. Far too many exercisers are terribly confused about eating as it pertains to workout out and believe they should either starve themselves before using the treadmill (wrong) or eat a huge breakfast for energy before a personal trainer has them sweating and potentially puking in the first 10 minutes. You should learn to eat light before workouts, plain and simple.

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Starting an exercise program is the desired goal but you can easily and unknowingly sabotage it within a few weeks or month if you aren't working out correctly. Not educating yourself is the easiest path to reach that point.

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