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Newborn Necessities: New Parents Need A Bevy Of Baby Related Items But Some Outweigh Others

Crying, fussing while you sleep and clinging to your parents at every turn.
No those aren't just the attributes of a newborn baby but rather would be moms and dads on the cusp of parenthood, trying to develop a game plan for a transition smoother than a baby's bottom.
Rock bottom is where parents to be will find themselves if they're not adequately prepared with such staples as cribs, changing tables, toys, diapers, car seats and a plethora of clothes.
Enter the all-important baby shower.
Yes, this is retail commercialism mixed with pure joy and sentiment as friends, family members and coworkers converge on a nearby banquet facility with presents for the baby, but actually you're the one frothing at the mouth to see which gadgets and gizmos everyone has bestowed upon you before you're bestowed with the ultimate responsibility: raising a child.

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A lot of times, gift registries are the way to go, kind of like an overtly positioned hint of sorts and motivation to steer those baby shower guests down just the right aisle. The only downside of the registry is a penchant for most to buy small and leave the big stuff or staples to someone else. If everyone implements that way of thinking, the big stuff looms large as your responsibility.
Where's the fun it that?
One resolution could be incorporating an online gift registry that allows multiple parties to pitch in on one larger item, such as eGifter. This online gem gels nicely with that mentality and also works in conjunction with PishPoshBaby, a combination that puts you at ease and gift buyers in an equally amazing mood since a few bucks and a few friends equals a win win for all involved.
PishPoshBaby specifically is a renowned place to buy baby products and truly envelops a one stop shopping mentality for parents and those buying baby shower gifts.
Specific products certainly are in order and we don't mind naming names, such as the remarkable teething apparatus that doubles as a nontoxic, natural rubber giraffe named Sophie. She's a winner when it comes to keeping kids who are teething relatively calm and quiet.
Strollers and car seats should be bought together, not separately. It keeps cost down relatively speaking and it is incredibly practical in its use. A sleeping baby doesn't need ripped from a car seat to a stroller in the hopes they don't wake up. Instead, certain strollers double as both and are only a few snaps and clicks away from seat to stroller in seconds.
A misconception is that baby's don't need to be wowed when they're simply hanging out and relaxing. That may be true initially but a baby swing or "bouncy seat" is a must but also must have plenty to keep your child busy.
An item often overlooked thanks to its demure nature and intimate suggestion is a parenting book. More often than not, this makes a great "how to" gift from would be mom to dad or vice versa or perhaps from parents to a child who is having their first baby. A parenting book may be a little much coming from a secretary or office manager at work but that doesn't mean the idea of giving a little pre parent reading material is totally taboo.
Parenting books come in all shapes and sizes but one that truly encompasses the art of parenthood as a whole is "Successful Parenting: How to Raise Your Children to be Successful Adults" by Anthony Sposato. He dispels the notion that the process from kid to adult is just dumb luck and offers plenty of insight on how parents have a significant hand in the process.
Being a parent certainly would classify as a "process" and something that shouldn't be taken lightly. The heavy dose of reality when that day arrives sets in rather quickly and being prepared from a product standpoint certainly can't hurt.

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