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Critical disdain: Why so called experts often miss badly

What is the first reaction you have when you read a review?
Do you take what the critic has to say to heart? Will their opinion ultimately sway you to buy a product, listen to music or watch a film?
A lot of what makes up that answer has to do primarily with credibility. You have to simply consider the source. When Rolling Stone Magazine says an album isn't very good, chances are they're probably spot on. The same goes for the late Roger Ebert, a film critic that was lauded for his linguistic properties as a critic, but more so because most of the time we knew what he was talking about as it pertained to movies.
Credible sources included, you can't always chalk up the critics opinions as being gospel or the people behind the thoughts as the end all, be all of what is liked and disliked. Critics largely will tell you that you don't have to like what they have to say, because it is just an opinion, and everyone has one.
That said, you have to laugh at most and chuckle at least when you read critics who have blasted and picked apart various movies and music over the years, and most likely were incredibly crass and condescending as a result, often times hammering these artists and film makers alike with harsh words and the kind of rhetoric that is rough.

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The 25th anniversary of the iconic film "Goodfellas" recently took place. Any fan of the movie knows just how remarkable and well acted and directed this mob movie was, with the likes of Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta headlining a cast that was epic, and direction from legendary Martin Scorcese that was one of the best movies of his career.
The cast got together and recalled stories of the film, what happened on the set and just how influential the movie was even after more than two decades. The funny part about "Goodfellas" was around the time of its release in 1990, the film hardly was embraced. Reviewers didn't care for the film from top to bottom and for the most part left the film to fail after berating it in print.
Obviously, "Goodfellas" surpassed expectation and is often quoted and ever so duplicated and referenced when another mob movie or show (see "The Departed" or "Sopranos") is penned by a writer and brought to life via directing.
"Goodfellas" is just one of many swings and misses by critics, which allows us, the audience, to pause and reflect on exactly what their words mean. Truthfully, opinions do vary and what one person likes, another loathes passionately. Critics are nothing more than a voice that is more prominently displayed that yours, but the final decision of sits with each individual, and whether they're influenced heavily by a so called expert is their choice.
Just remember, critics aren't always right, either.

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