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Selfie high five: Why some 'selfie' sticks aren't sticking with consumers

Perhaps not one picture type defines an era quite like the "selfie" has done for the smart phone generation. The idea of taking a picture of yourself years ago included having a camera with film (yes, remember that?) and setting it up on a tripod and waiting for a timer to snap that epic shot.
Later, that same setup ditched the timer for a switch that controlled when the camera would shoot.
Fast forward to present day and the cell phone has taken the place of cameras for the majority of consumers, who have opted to spend hundreds on cell phones with more than respectable cameras rather than have the cell phone and then spend another hundred or so dollars on a nicer camera.
The cell phone has left most cameras virtually extinct and others bordering on bankruptcy, and with good reason: cell phone cameras are competent.
Yet, one of the more popular types of photos, the "selfie" still hasn't been perfected. For those who aren't familiar with the term, the "selfie" is simply turning your camera around or flipping the screen so you can take a photo of yourself or others that wouldn't be considered a traditional point and shoot photo.

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Part of the "selfie" charm is that most of the photos don't turn out perfect, but the aptly titled "selfie" stick has stuck it to the notion that you can't have the perfect photo. Quite simply, the stick is just that: a plastic pole of sorts that you attach your cell phone and are able to get a better angle on that much loved "selfie" shot.
But like any product, there are ones that are acceptable and others that have come along that aren't quite up to par. You want to find one with an aluminum body, and it is only going to cost about $10 more than most others. This provides a more durable product. Another key aspect of the "selfie" stick is its blu tooth capabilities and just how convenient and easy this stick can be.
Naturally, the "selfie" stick hasn't found its groove completely as a must have product, but its functionality is hard to argue as long as you know what to look for when you buy.

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