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'Old' McDonald's: Why the burger chain finally got lean and mean

Those world famous golden arches of McDonald's are starting to look a little tarnished.
Check that, a lot.
The men and women, movers and shakers if you will, behind the McDonald's brand know exactly what it takes to keep the consumers happy and revenue sheets buzzing, but lately the giant fast food chain is looking a little bloated on a number of levels.
Something had to give.
Or, in this case, go.

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McDonald's did what most fat businesses started to do: cutting. No, not in the form of layoffs or store closures but rather taking a long, hard look at the menu and axing all the items that simply aren't performing in an attempt to streamline what is sold and, more importantly, not.
A few of the casualties according to published reports are the grilled chicken snap wraps and the Deluxe Quarter Pound Burger. Sales at McDonald's are sluggish at best, and the brand is limping from one financial quarter to the next and is having a hard time showing the kind of results that made it the largest fast food chain in the world.
The move to make the menu more delectable with the addition from subtraction model makes sense on a number of levels. McDonald's menu hasn't been relevant in quite some time. The problem fast food chains face, even if you're McDonald's or Fred's Chicken Sandwich Shop, for example, is having too many choices but followed closely by not having the kind of variety infused into a stagnant menu. McDonald's has showed flashes of wanting to be more than just a hamburger store with things like breakfast and other menu options that appeal to the masses, but they're still trying to get to a point where consumers flock to get one of their burgers above all else. They've recently began offering Sirloin Burgers, and undoubtedly will continue to adapt and adjust the menu accordingly.
Having too much on the menu, as well, plagues you almost immediately since that typically translates into sloppiness in preparation due to vast choices available to customers and also not really doing one thing really well but rather a lot of things average.
McDonald's is going to get back on track at some point, whether that comes with tweaking the menu or making other, more drastic changes to salvage sub par sales. Starting with ditching the real dogs on the menu is an outstanding starting point.

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