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There She Is: Miss America

Do you think being a potential Miss America contestant is an unattainable goal?
No, that isn't quite as difficult or broad as the "If you could change on thing about the world, what would it be?" question that defines the Miss America's question and answer portion of the show but certainly is one worth answering.
Let's say you're a lifelong pageant queen in a small, rural town or a bigger city diva destined to reign supreme over an entire nation as Miss America. What exactly do you need? Lots of time in the gym? Outstanding makeup and a great tan? Good answers to questions (and please don't say world peace as an answer for the previous world changing question)?
A lot of those probably are essentials but how do you go about getting the flawless skin and body needed to compete in the most recognized pageant in the United States? As for the tan, the safe bet is on a spray one, instead of subjecting yourself to the harmful UV rays in tanning beds. Choosing a superb tanning lotion and cream isn't just simply strolling down the aisle of a pharmacy or grocery store and simply selecting one at will.
B. Bronz Sunless is a sensational choice as far as spray tanning or an eclectic mix of tanning products in general. These creations are the work of Kelly Richardson, who has served as an integral part of the Miss America pageant as far as her work in the tanning field goes. If B. Bronz Sunless is good enough for Miss (insert state here), then it probably is a worthwhile product for the up and coming, would be pageant hopefuls.

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Exercise and a perfectly crafted physique is certainly a must have for any pageant queen and Miss America contestant. Fitness is hit or miss as far as selection goes, with so many options that narrowing down a specific choice is quite difficult. Add to the mix the fact that diet plays a crucial role as well and Miss America literally is molded right before our very eyes.
But before you can enjoy the crown, adulation of the crowd and at least one year as queen of the pageant circle, you have to find a gym and, more importantly, a trainer. Scott Keppel would be a good place to start since his resume is littered with Miss America and Teen USA contestants, thanks to Scott's Training System. He infuses both a fitness and eating regimen that is followed closely by a number of high profile clients, including this year's Miss Arizona. Keppel's unconventional approach to fitness empowers his clients but most importantly gets results in a quicker fashion.
The end result of a superb fitness and diet regimen coupled with the hair, makeup and tan could be nothing short of a crowning achievement.

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