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Code blue: Why prom dress controversy is high school discipline at its worst

A prevailing sentiment as it relates to high school aged students is that they're growing up too fast, thanks in large part to a number of factors from the implementation of social media, continued advanced in technology and access to information that is well ahead of their age and even a lack of parenting.
Some circles and groups of onlookers haven't exactly accepted this evolution and have made it their purpose to ensure teenagers aren't exposed to anything and everything that is well ahead of their time. Those watchdog groups and organizations aren't doing anything wrong but rather exercising their opinions regarding the topic of teenagers being exposed to inappropriate material but also that same high school group acting and dressing their age.
Their involvement in actually controlling first hand what happens, however, is non existent. They can indulge in their beliefs and attempt to convey and sway the masses as to their version of right or wrong but they can't truly enforce much above and beyond how they feel.
One place that still plays police regarding high school students and what they wear or how they portray themselves in a public setting are high schools and the faculty, principals and guidance counselors that roam the halls. They're intent on keeping a certain image and policing the dress code accordingly. As much as the outside world has changed, high school and the rules haven't been altered much.
No cell phones, no public displays of affection in the hallways and every pair of shorts worn by a female must pass the two inch rule (the shorts must extend two inches beyond the fingertips of the girl when she puts her hands down to her sides).

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I don't take homage or have a problem with high school personnel fighting the good fight against teenagers maturing faster than they need to, particularly in certain facets of life. But a recent high school student, Mireya Briceno, was asked to leave the prom because her dress supposedly failed to meet the dress code criteria set forth by the school.
In actuality, it did not. The mother provided a full page note from the school, and her daughter's dress was within the guidelines listed. In fact, other students had similar dresses on and were not asked to leave. The Michigan high school has yet to comment specifically on the issue, but one can assume they'll come up with something out of the public relations rhetoric handbook as to why Briceno was singled out versus the rest of her classmates.
Truthfully, this is a classic example of high school curriculum extending unnecessarily beyond the classroom itself. Granted, a dress code is pertinent as it relates to the prom or really anywhere on school property, but from what I can tell from the dress in question (along with photos published of Briceno and her friends), there wasn't anything about the ensemble or the subsequent rules that should have had her removed from the dance.
What likely happened is a teacher or faculty member saw the dress, made a knee jerk judgment call and asked Briceno to leave, without fully consulting the dress code that was sent out. Call it poor communication or an oversight.
What I call it is being wrong and making a mistake in the case of whoever asked her to leave. The dress may have been backless but the argument to have Briceno leave was backed by little to no logic whatsoever.

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