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Television rating: Is streaming TV turning the corner against cable?

Do you consider yourself an optimist or pessimist? Is your glass half empty or half full? Essentially, when someone tells you something is around 50%, what do you think about that number?
When it comes to cable television as it relates to going toe to toe with streaming services, the 50% number depends on your perspective.
You see, 50% is the number of people that use streaming television or services of that ilk, a number that increases yearly but still isn't quite on the cusp of overtaking cable as a whole. Most cable customers aren't quite ready to sever their ties and the cord with cable just yet, but the number of people using the streaming service is encouraging for the likes of Netflix, Hulu and other would be entities testing that market, such as the pending CBS and HBO endeavors as well as the WWE Network and its catalog of hundreds of pay per views and television shows.
Most of the streaming market checks in at $15 or less per month, which is a huge draw for customers submerged in cable bills that check in at $200 or more dollars once you factor in the internet charges, fees, equipment and enough movie channels to last a lifetime.
Even though streaming has done wonders for its lifespan and popularity in recent years, you have to wonder if that proverbial glass ceiling is about to hit. Streaming services are a superb alternative for those who simply can't afford anything cable or satellite TV related. Scaling back with, say, Netflix is a wonderful option if you don't mind watching older television shows or movies, and Hulu also plays into that at right around the $10 per month fee with newer television shows as their disposal. But for most viewers, they still put a value on cable as it relates to recording shows and watching television as it happens, or even being able to stream their cable ironically on several of their devices.

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That said, Netflix has around 40 million customers and that number is growing. You have to wonder with the likes of CBS and HBO jumping on the streaming bandwagon if others intend to follow. Should that happen, you may see the kind of dramatic shift that puts streaming in an even more favorable position versus cable to the point that the latter might be a little more concerned than they're letting on at the moment.
Streaming, at the very least and at this moment, offers an alternative to cable that didn't exist all that long ago and affords the financially strapped consumer the opportunity to enjoy entertainment without having to suffer the consequences of not having the cash. In time, however, streaming could be the salvation that the masses clamor toward that goes well beyond the halfway point.

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