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Catching Vibes: The word 'free' never sounded so good

Traveling abroad easily can be chalked up as one of the more remarkable experiences any traveler can have, but not everything is smooth sailing (or flying) from home to this remote location.
Yes, of course, making calls and sending texts isn't going to stop no matter where you're headed. Whether you're in Mexico or Costa Rico, you most likely aren't going to forget about your cell phone right away, and you'll undoubtedly want to keep in contact with friends and family, and perhaps even a few people from the office.
How exactly can you make that happen easily, efficiently and without a high overhead? Granted, you can go to your local cell phone provider and ask to add minutes to your phone or extra texts between you and someone that is in another country, but AT&T and Verizon aren't exactly in the business of hand outs, so the pricing structure for adding these services don't come cheap.
In fact, they're downright expensive.
Enter Viber, the app that seemingly has solved all of your traveling woes as it relates to staying in contact with loved ones. Viber is an application that can be downloaded for free and allows you to send texts and messages to others who have also downloaded the app. Furthermore, Viber allows you to make calls as well.

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Again, Viber is free and so are the calls and texts.
Now, Viber isn't without its drawbacks. The calls drop. In fact, they tend to be riddled with plenty of static as part of the deal, unless of course you find the perfect spot and stay put. You can pull the phone away from your phone and have the signal say "excellent" and draw it back to that same ear and it immediately says "poor."
That frustration leads to the aforementioned dropped calls and several minutes of angst when you can't hear the person you're talking to, not even in the least. The texting feature often makes up for the calls (seriously, does anyone even still talk on the phone anyway?), since the texts allow you to see when your message was delivered and then read.
Viber isn't perfect. Far from it, in fact. But what it does well is more than the competition can attest to, which is why it easily is the go to app when you're going out of the country.

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