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Season's beatings: TV networks start slashing shows off lineup

What is your favorite show on television?
Chances are, you've nestled into watching a particular program or perhaps make it a point to have it programmed to record on your DVR. Let's face it, you can't miss the episode. You're hooked.
But do the networks that run your show feel the same way?
If the latest round of television shows to get cut is any indication, the answer is a resounding "no." As most television shows begin to wrap up for the year (or as they refer to it as a season), networks begin perusing their lineups in search of the slackers, the television shows that have poor ratings and have failed to catch on with the public, at least that is the way it looks on the surface when you scan the numbers.
Sometimes, however, the shows really do speak to the masses, but the ratings simply don't reflect that. Other times, of course, the shows on the chopping block certainly have every right to be there. Now not every show can be "Modern Family" or "Scandal," the kind of television that is deemed more than just worthy but rather remarkable.

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But in the case of some canceled shows, you can question why exactly they've been axed. Take for instance FOX, which said so long to "The Mindy Project," a gleefully humorous, well written program created by star Mindy Kaling. She's remarkable adept at writing this character, mostly because it feels like it is just an extension of her. Furthermore, the show is witty and smart, and combines funny and quirky quite well. FOX didn't see it that way, and made short work of Mindy after only a few seasons.
For the most part, however, networks tend to get the cancellation period right, and certain shows being sent out to pasture shouldn't be that surprising.
Katherine Heigl, the much maligned and polarizing movie star, attempted a comeback and choose TV as her vehicle. Her NBC drama "State of Affairs" looked awful from the world "go" and never came close to having an audience that cared. Heigl, once a prominent movie star not that long ago, looked terribly out of place in the show, and the writing was about as campy and lame as it gets related to a drama about espionage.
No one is really laughing too hard about the slew of comedies ripped from the lineup, either. Most of them would hardly classify as funny, even though they were backed by some credible writers and stars. FOX snagged John Mulaney, a prominent comedian and writer, and his self titled "Mulaney" was hard to watch. He's funny but the show seemed like a hacked, low budget "Seinfeld."
And just because you had success on another television show hardly means anything for your next project. Often times (see Seinfeld's Jason Alexander), you can't seem to shake your old character, and fans alike can't picture you as anything else. That happened for former "Office" star Rainn Wilson and his "Backstrom" show on FOX. It bombed, and Wilson is yet another star who might find himself struggling to outgrow his "Dwight Schrute" character in fans' eyes.
Watching shows tumble hard in May is nothing new and while some seem to be sad to watch, others belong on the scrap heap as not surprisingly failed efforts at entertainment.

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