Motherly love: Last minute gifts for Mother's Day aren't always bad

05/10/15 by Chasity McLeod

So you did it again this year, didn't you? You waited until the last minute to think about dear, old mom, and now you're scrambling to find a Mother's Day gift at the proverbial 11th hour.
You're in full blown panic mode. You certainly can come up with a few gifts but they'll hardly be considered what you would call ideal or sentimental.
Here you have mom waiting patiently and intently for a Mother's Day gift that is going to wow her, and all you have planned is a card you bought at a drug store and perhaps a gift card for her favorite restaurant.

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While that doesn't sound all bad, and of course, mom is going to appreciate anything you get her because that is what moms do, you still want to think of something a little better than roadside flowers that you bought literally on the way to her house.
Again, the flowers, card and gift card is all good stuff, but maybe mom could use that Mother's Day card but a gift that isn't so formulaic from one year to the next.
For example, you have old photos of you and mom together, perhaps ones when you were a kid and mom was a little younger. Then, you can pair that with a photo of you and mom present day in some sort of before and after frame that has "I Love You, Mom" written all over it.
Mom certainly remembers the would be glory days when you were younger, so why not celebrate that with something simple yet underscored with sentimentality and happiness that mom certainly will treasure.
You may also assume that practical gifts are out of the question as mom certainly wouldn't welcome a toaster oven or bathroom scale, even if she's been hinting around at any of those things for quite some time. While those gifts would be more like a holiday present, you still might be able to swing a household appliance as a Mother's Day gift, too.
Let's say mom wants something a little less customary, say a juicer, because she's trying to get healthier this year. That's a higher priced product that mom may not be able to afford at the moment, so it works in this situation as a Mother's Day gift.
Mom also may be just getting used to her smart phone, for example, but loves the idea of taking a photos of her kids, grand kids and anyone else at that given moment. How many times have you heard your mom say, "I wish it was easier to print these," because you know mom still keeps those old fashioned albums. A smart phone printer might be something she'll want, even though the idea of a printer sounds rather dull. Mom, however, undoubtedly will like it because it gives her the opportunity to relish in the recent photos she's just taken.
Again, mom isn't going to be super picky and if you've forgotten to put time into choosing a gift doesn't mean the effort has to be lost as well.

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