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Hard to digest: Food can be your stomach's greatest ally or biggest enemy

No matter how you slice it, food is powerful.
Food also is polarizing, depending on how you view it. For some, food isn't exciting or endearing but rather fuel for your body, nothing more or less. Others see food as pure enjoyment. They don't eat to live but rather live to eat.
For others, food is the enemy, particularly those who struggle with digestive issues such as Colitis and Crohn's Disease, or something even less serious, like a so called run of the mill ulcer or even ingestion that you simply can't shake.
That kind of power is nothing short of epic as it relates to food being able to send your stomach into a tailspin and leave you feeling full, short of breath and, in some cases, doubled over in pain.
The good news is that digestion doesn't have to be your great downfall as it relates to food, especially if you like to eat and fall into the loving food category. You might not like the resolution in full because you'll undoubtedly have to change your diet and later it just enough to eliminate certain foods that are related to digestive issues and reflux, such as caffeine and chocolate. You want to limit fat content and fried foods and start thinking about increasing your water intake but also your fiber consumption as well. Foods like oatmeal, fruits and vegetables slow down digestion and take much needed pressure off your tummy.

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Your digestion also can be aided by medication, but before you start thinking about antacids or acid blockers, you might want to try a natural probiotic that helps restore the good bacteria to your gut, along with other natural recipes such as using apple cider vinegar and baking soda, a long standing treatment for acid reflux and digestion issues.
Then again, the problem might be you, too. Ask yourself: are you overeating? Have you eliminated artificial sweeteners or other foods high in sugar? Feeling too full as a result of eating isn't just an unbutton your pants moment but also can really slow digestion and make you feel bloated and sick to your stomach. Anything high in sugar content does just that to your body.
As much as you love food or even if you view it from another perspective, it still isn't always cooperative with your body. Making smart diet choices is easily the best medicine to combat feeling sick to the stomach.

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