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Sleep deprived: Why your lack of sleep isn't anyone's fault but yours

Tired eyes, afternoon yawns and feeling like you're having to hold open your eyelids is nothing new for the average troubled sleeper, who easily would add tossing and turning to his nighttime repertoire.
In actuality, you just want to be able to sleep easy and wake up feeling rested. What actually happens is a far cry from that. In fact, you're rising and hardly shining and you feel as though you really haven't slept for more than just a few winks.
So while you might start at the end and search out sleep disorder specialists or those who perhaps dabble in snoring or sleep apnea, you may want to consider taking a long, hard look at your bedtime routine or exactly if the problem isn't so much medial as it is something you are doing and can, ultimately, change.
For instance, do you have a penchant for eating late at night? That midnight snacking might be causing your digestive system to work overdrive, thus making for restless slumber that you'll need to alter moving forward. Typically, your last meal of the day should be 6 at night when possible, with little to know snacking after 8. That is using a typical 11 bedtime as you should alter your schedule based on your lifestyle.
Another shortcoming that doesn't do much to help your sleep pattern is a lack of exercise or activity. Studies show exercise or any sort of fitness routine allows your body to rest fully and more comfortably versus those who don't implement at least some sort of calorie burning effort at some point during the day.

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Smaller tips include keeping your home at comfortable temperatures based on the time of year or the dreaded caffeine surge late in the day to push you through taking the kids to softball practice or having that dinner party you'd rather skip since you're always exhausted.
Sleep is absolutely vital when discussing your health and well being. Anywhere between 7 and 8 hours usually gets the job done, but just because you go to bed at 11 and wake up at 6 doesn't mean you're actually resting. To ensure a quality night of sleep, you have to hold yourself accountable and have a spirited case of pillow self talk immediately.

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