Cheat to spin: Pats role in deflating footballs finally is popped wide open

05/11/15 by Matthew S. Vandriak

The investigation has concluded. And as many had thought back in January, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots did indeed have a role in Deflate Gate.
According to the Wells Report, a joint investigation done by the NFL and attorney Tom Wells, two Patriots staff members were involved in what was called inappropriate activity in regards to the footballs used in the AFC Championship Game being underinflated. And the report also states that Brady "was at least generally aware" that the above mentioned inappropriate activity did take place.
Before we go any further, let's remember the Patriots defeated Indianapolis 45 to 7 in the AFC title game. So I seriously doubt that had the balls been inflated to the proper pressure level, the outcome would have been much different. The Colts got blown out, period. But here's the problem, the Patriots denied any wrong doing by anyone on the team or involved with the team. Owner Robert Kraft said the NFL's original investigation was "disappointing". Kraft also said the Wells investigation would clear the Patriots of any speculation of wrong doing. But that wasn't the case. Now Kraft is saying that he will go along with the teams findings prior to the Wells Report that the Patriots acted appropriately.

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So both the teams owner and star quarterback denied any knowledge or involvement in "Delate Gate". But according to both scientific and circumstantial evidence contained in the Wells Report that was a lie. And that's the problem here. Like I said, it's not like the Patriots won the AFC Championship on the last drive of the game where Brady having a slightly deflated ball to grip easier would've made a difference. The Patriots won by 38 points. The problem is they flat out lied about it.
Now both Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick, along with the Patriots assistant coaches, have been cleared of any wrong doing. But the report clearly states that the Patriots locker room attendant and an equipment manager tampered with the game balls after they were inspected by the games officials. And that Brady most likely knew the balls were deflated, although it doesn't say he actually requested the deflation.
Just when the Spygate scandal involving the Patriots was finally starting to dissipate, here is another report of the Patriots cheating. But this time there is evidence to implicate them directly. Which is going to result in a punishment this time. Brady will most likely be suspended, but not for the entire season as some media outlets have reported. Most likely he'll face a suspension of 1 game, maybe 3 games maximum. And the Patriots will likely face a fine and possible draft pick forfeiture. And even though I've stated that because of the one sided nature of the AFC Championship Game that the deflated balls wouldn't matter, it's still illegal. And it's cheating. And it's wrong.
Remember when you were young and playing sports and your Dad would tell you "cheaters never win" if you tried to cut a corner? Well I guess the New England Patriots have proven again that cheaters can indeed win.

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