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Weight lost: Why dropping pounds isn't particularly easy and quite frustrating

As summer approaches, one question seems to dominant the thoughts of the masses as they attempt to get their body in beach season shape.
Why can't I lose weight?
The question is simple but yet most struggle with not only trying to get started on a weight loss program but also find something that actually works. The theory behind weight loss isn't complex: you eat less and exercise more and the pounds should start to drop off without much thought beyond those two pillars.
The reality is the execution often is mired in long work schedules, tired eyes, after school activities and eating habits that are truly hard to break. As much as you want to pack that gym bag and get their after work, you don't. And as much as you want to pack that lunch, complete with veggies, fruit, protein and good fats, you don't. Instead, you settle for skipping the workout all together and opting to join the rest of your co workers for take out lunch that consists of anything but the aforementioned healthy variety.
But beyond the obvious, such as skipping workouts and missing meals that matter, you may want to look a little closer as to why you're not eating right and what you can do to fix it.

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Think beyond just food and exercise and examine your life as a whole at it relates to stress, water intake and other factors that contribute to weight loss. Staying hydrates is paramount to losing weight, and any sort of stress only adds to not only a desire to eat to make yourself feel better but also can contribute to weight gain.
In addition drinking plenty of water, are you ingesting any sort of artificial sweetener? Diet sodas sounds good on paper but the aspartame isn't a hunger blocker but rather increases your appetite. The word "diet" only means zero calories but the residual effects are much worse.
And as far as your workout goes, what exactly are you doing? Some people assume that summertime activities like grass cutting or walking the dog is going to be more than enough to lose weight. While some activity is better than nothing, this might not be enough to lose the kind of weight you want or need. That sort of outdoor activity is perfectly acceptable but needs to be paired with a higher intensity type training to really see results you desire.
Hard work and determination, along with patience, are the keys to losing weight. More specific, you have to pay closer attention to what you're eating and doing beyond just the obvious.

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