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Too Good To Be True: Some Silly Infomercial Style Products Actually Work

You've seen these products plenty of times.
It's late; you can't sleep; an infomercial hits the airwaves and you're absolutely stunned, mesmerized and captivated to the point that your insomnia is a good thing.
You can't help but look away as a man sprays on his own, real hair or food is instantly dehydrated before your very eyes. And what about all that frozen meat in your freezer? Don't worry because now you can vacuum seal it and thus your fretting is quickly sucked from your brain faster than the air from those amazing bags.
OK, so many of these as seen on TV type products probably seem a lot sweeter and sexier when you're watching them on television. These infomercials are typically cut, pasted and edited so much so that it is hard to tell just what works and what doesn't, what is worthwhile and what is ultimately worthless in the long run, even if it is only four easy payments of $19.99.
In addition to television, your mailbox is equally packed with delusion of grandeur as plenty of catalogs still pummel your junk mail that feature quirky, often silly, items such as coin collectors that count money or pantyhose that is unbreakable.

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So what exactly in this myriad of marketable products actually make sense and are underscored with value and practicality?
Forget the canned hair and equally campy banter on the infomercials and look a little deeper to find unconventional items that actually promote convenience, and you'll probably start by finding something as simple as a plastic product that helps you to remember to take your pills on time.
You've all seen pill containers that are affixed with the "M through F" to denote the days of the week but what if a comparable product actually incorporated this method but used a calendar style reminder system instead of just dates?
Thus, the MedCenter System is born. This brightly colored apparatus appeals to those who are inundated with medication and often forget to take it in a timely fashion. This unit also reminds you each day to take your meds, whether it is a morning, afternoon or evening dose.
In the same vein as the MedCenter System comes a watch that can be set to remind your child when it is time for a bathroom break, thus putting an end to embarrassing accidents while they're in school. These watches vibrate discretely and can be set by the parent for a specific time (i.e. after lunch) and then the watch automatically restarts for the following day. These watches are prominently displayed and available online, notably at BedWettingStore.com.
Parents also probably search high and low for anything that makes cooking dinner easier and perhaps no television cooking device is quite as famous as the NuWave Oven, which actually works as an infrared cooking device that takes frozen food and transforms into a meal in minutes. That same convenience is cooking with the Pasta Boat, which allows you to cook and drain pasta in one device, devoid of the customary boil and strain technique.
Technique is something infomercials have down to a science. Not everything you see or hear should be taken as gospel but some good can be gathered from a few noteworthy, applicable products in a sea of suspect items.

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