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Run To The Hills: Footwear For The Ultra-active Isn't Quite A Straight Line Of Thinking

Footwear can be extremely fickle, especially for men.
And by fickle, the following can be deduced: the style and quality of running shoes or those kick built for the incredible active man waver from year to year.
From form fitting running shoes that outline the toes to rugged hiking boots that are too heavy for their own good, finding the balance of durability and comfort in a shoe built for guys who like to walk, run, ride bikes or tackle tough terrain can be daunting.
Somewhere between too think of a cushion and an overweight running or hiking shoe is a happy medium. Your exact activity plays a key role in the decision as well.
Take for instance the influx of activity and popularity in Motocross, a motorcycle racing phenomenon that appeals to a younger, male demographic with expendable income and a flare for something fantastic and anything but fallible in nature.

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Hard-riding and, unfortunately, equally difficult landings, make a perfect shoe a must for the Motocross crowd; style is also equally important as the overall look of a Motorcross fan or participant is specific.
That description brings up to Fox Footwear, a division of Fox Head, Inc. and the makers of accessories, clothing and footwear for the Motocross masses.
Whether you're a racer in training or simply want to incorporate a Motorcross style to your footwear repertoire, the Fox Racing line of shoes are dynamite, diverse, colorful and dependable no matter what your level to the exposure of the sport.
From racing to running, a professional runner will tell you that shoes, not clothes, make the man. Opinions vary on just which type of running shoe makes for a smooth ride. In the course of running a course, feet hurt and comfort is essential. The best answer to the cushion caper is to split the difference between heavy duty and too light.
An overwhelming winner in this category is the brand Newton, as in the Newton Distance Neutral LW Trainer shoe, which is perfectly crafted for short to middle of the road racers. The key focus on Newton's line of shoes is it being incredibly lightweight but strong enough to tackle hard-running racing circuits or simply a path less traveled near your home.
If hiking is more your speed, ditch the boot-style thickness and girth shoe-wise in favor of something equally as light as Newton's. Brooks Pure Grit 2 is nowhere near short on tread but favorably lacks being too heavy for holding a modest to intense pace. Brooks Pure Grit 2 dispels the notion that all hiking boots need to be heft in design and nature.
Hitting the open road, taming a ridiculous rough trail or riding your way into the Motorcross history books takes equal parts determination and focus but without the right footwear for the job, you'll simply be spinning your wheels and running in circles.

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