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Pac a punch: Why the iconic Pac Man put video gaming on map

You hear the terms "legendary," and "pop culture," along with "vintage" far too often for my taste. They're used interchangeable and when it is convenient to describe just about anything that needs some weight or teeth to it.
Whether you're describing a football player or politician, those aforementioned words and others of that ilk are slapped on to just about anything in order to make sure the intended audiences knows what it is seeing is relevancy and then some.
"Pac Man," which is celebrating its 35th birthday this month deserves such accolades. "Pac Man" truly was a pioneer video game, if for no other reason than it seemed as though it was the first one that grabbed the attention of the masses.
This video game, the oddly, yellow shaped head munching on pellets and avoiding ghosts, didn't seem all that complicated or deep as it relates to today's video games but still after more than three decades is looked upon fondly as one of the game changers of this genre.
Who still won't play a quick game of Pac Man, should you stumble across a free standing arcade game in a laundry mat or another location that time may have forgotten?

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What made Pac Man such an instant success was, in fact, its simplicity. Video gaming has changed drastically since 1980, when Pac Man first pounced on to the scene. Pac Man also had a huge piece of the popularity puzzle in its favor: branding. The game had a simple premise but also took that yellow circle with a mouth and made it famous and also grew that same brand into other characters (yes, you know you also loved Ms. Pac Man, too). The true mark of any remarkable video game is how fans of it simply can't get enough. It's hard to walk away from Pac Man, as much as in 2015 as it was in 1980.
A recent poll revealed that Pac Man was the most recognizable and popular video game character of all time. Now granted, these polls don't always mean a whole lot but that victory of sorts is only the tip of what Pac Man did for video games.
The early stages of video games doesn't succeed without Pac Man leading the way. Plain and simple. The game had cuteness personified, easy to use game play and a premise that while seemingly mundane was magical for the masses.

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