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Beach fronted: How to pick the best beach possible

As Memorial Day arrives, discussion undoubtedly turns to vacations, more specifically where to go and what to do.
Of course, the amount of money you have to spend says a lot about the decision you ultimately will make but one of the more popular and less expensive alternatives this summer is hitting the beach in stride somewhere within the United States.
Naturally, a lot besides money plays into your decision making such as kids, summer vacation, distance and whether hotels are available and if you want to rent a vehicle as well.
For those who decide on the beach first and worry about the other details later, you're in good luck. There are plenty of beaches in the states that are nothing short of spectacular, the kind of destinations that make you want to either go back every year or think about perhaps parking there for good when retirement arrives.
The key to a great beach is equal parts serenity and tranquility. Nothing derails a beach trip more than either being overcrowded or overly commercial. The latter can be found at popular spots ironically such as Ocean City, Maryland, Atlantic City or even spots such as Myrtle Beach.

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If you're not a fan of crowds or boardwalks with $5.00 bottles of water and the ubiquitous beach chairs for rent, then steer clear of these.
Spots you'll want to consider resides primarily in Florida, the Naples and Clearwater area especially house some of the more prominent and pristine beaches in the United States. Massachusetts and North Carolina certainly aren't slouches either. They have the whole relaxation down to a science. For the money and time, you may want to consider Wilmington, North Carolina; cost of living and prices are reasonable and Wrightsville Beach gives you all you'd get from a more expensive beach, only minus the cost. Wilmington, for the movie buffs, also is the third largest city in the United States for movie and television filming, so tours of back lots and studios is an added bonus.
Most who are contemplating a beach trip just want sand, sun and the sound of waves hitting the shore. Choosing the best one depends on your preference but steering clear of some while embracing others only will serve to add to the vacation experience.

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