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Party on: The good and bad of Memorial Day parties

Every party, regardless of the occasion, has its hits and misses.
Most of it centers on the guests, the food and anything else functionality wise that you can think of, should you decide to include games or whatever is on the menu at the bar.
Memorial Day is a bit different than the average party but has more of a 4th of July feel to it. Families and friends gather for remembrance and celebration and heavy hearts and festivities abound as getting together can range anywhere from small to the colossal. No matter the size of the party, you'll always have guests and everything else that comprises your party as being dubbed either memorable or easily forgettable.
As far as the menu, you want to be aware of the guests beyond just the obvious. Sure, you can stick with staples like burgers and hot dogs, along with summertime favorites like potato and pasta salads, but it wouldn't hurt to add a few healthier alternatives that include a field green salad, fruit and perhaps a vegetable dish if someone at the party doesn't partake in meat.
Simply put, the more diverse the menu is, the better.

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Party guests often times aren't nearly as controllable as the menu, so that's not something you always can predict. You might want to think about who's coming and tailor the games and drinking privileges accordingly. The purpose of a Memorial Day party isn't to spend it face down on the grass like you've just finished a two hour Motley Crue concert. The goal is to enjoy that extra day off from work and spend time with family as part of a relatively rambunctious party that doesn't go beyond the point of annoying.
If the party is happening at your home, be cognizant too of your neighbors and make sure they're perfectly fine with it, too. Nothing is more disrespectful than a loud, obnoxious party next door that keeps you up at night or spills over into your property. If your neighbors ask first, that's no problem but it's the assumption that always does in any Memorial Day party.
Memorial Day is meant for families to remember lives lost and enjoy cookouts and camaraderie without killing off the fun element by taking the party to a level that is hardly warranted or wanted.

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