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Pet friendly: When it comes to kids and pets, less is better

As kids begin to get older, around the age of 3 or 4, they tend to gravitate toward responsibility. Perhaps they want to help mom in the kitchen with dinner or dad out in the garage under the hood of the family car.
Parents tend to give in and allow their kids to assist as they see fit, but when it comes to taking ownership of something, nothing works quite as well as pets.
The one variable in this discussion is the age of the child, and when you get into that toddler group, you want to tread lightly and choose carefully when selecting a pet of choice. Moms and dads might lean toward the obvious: dogs and cats.
Those types of pets might be more suitable for kids a little older, since you're talking about walks, more consistent feedings and lots of potential clean up as well. When you get into the aforementioned age group, you want to go the route of simplicity over what you believe to be the right call with man's best friend and a lovable kitten. Chances are if you decide on a pup or cat, you as the parent are going to saddled with most of the work involved.
Now, the obvious choice is the ubiquitous goldfish, since they swim and you sprinkle. The rest is nothing more than repetition. The goldfish, however, is more visual than actual enjoyment for kids of that age group.

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One pet that often is overlooked is the bearded dragon. Parents may shy away from that particular pet perhaps simply because of the name alone. Truthfully, the bearded dragon is cool to look at, kids can play with them and they're fairly easy to maintain. They eat worms, and you bathe them once per month, other than a little spritz of water from time to time. Watching them eat worms will send kids into a frenzy, and they'll certainly enjoy watching them scurry across the kitchen floor as their nails tap on the tiles.
What makes them the ideal pet is they can be held as they don't squirm all that much and are a lot tougher than the hamster or guinea pig, which kids can tend to handle a little too rough. The hamster and guinea pig aren't bad decisions by any means, but the dragon tends to be the better alternative given its durability.
Giving kids the opportunity to take ownership in the form of a pet is paramount toward development and teaching them how to take care of something. Choosing the right pet is just as important as having one in the first place.

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