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Weight lost: Is losing weight really this hard?

Summer is just around the corner as Memorial Day has come and gone.
Thoughts turn to beaches, warmer weather and the idea that those winter clothes that have been hiding your diet and exercise shortcomings.
Gone are the sweaters and feeling comfortable that you haven't been diligent with how you've been eating or the fact that the winter months weren't kind to your gym membership.
Now that shirtless weather is welcoming much of the population, what do you do about it? Should you scurry off to the gym, dust off those sweats and start using the treadmill and elliptical until you fall flat on your face when you're done? Maybe you're thinking about ditching that snack dish in your office and opting for drinking more water and just eating less?
Regardless of the path you take, one thing is certain: You tend to make eating well and exercising too hard, and in turn, you sabotage yourself unknowingly when you're trying to lose weight and get yourself less concerned about donning that bathing suit.

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The real trick to tackling weight loss isn't much of a treat, but it certainly doesn't have to be a painstaking process, either. The goal moving forward is to write out what you're eating now; take a few days to continue eating the same way you've been but charting exactly what you're ingesting. You can always take that information to a professional to consult your diet woes but if that isn't an option financially, you can tackle this on your own.
The rules are simple and should be easy to follow: break up your meals into several throughout the day, up to 5 or 6. You want to keep your metabolism constantly working, but the thought originally is just to eat less and skip meals.
Fat content is fine as long as it is the unsaturated kind, like you'd find in peanut butter or avocados. Anything fried is finally off your plate. You should drink more water, lose the artificial sweeteners and steer clear of too much salt and sugar. The former will make your body retain water and thus look heavier than it really is. Sugar is an easy one: it processes in your body and puts weight on quickly.
As far as carbohydrates and fruits, they're fine first thing in the morning or after a workout while your body is, basically, ready to process them quickly and with a justification behind it (i.e. energy and recovery).
Losing weight is made difficult because the mindset centers on what you have to give up, but it doesn't have to be viewed in that light. You'll be able to add certain foods that taste good and still have what you want in moderation, perhaps a day where you eat what you want. The goal isn't about starvation or sacrifice but rather adaptation as the gateway to getting to where you want to be.

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