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Green lantern: Why popularity of avocados is more than just taste

So let's discuss avocados. And before you start thinking aloud why you'd devote an entire article about avocados, keep in mind that as spring turns to summer, this green lantern of sorts lights the way as being the centerpiece of menus for restaurants and fast food establishments.
Subway is easily the biggest avocado fan; they've developed marketing campaigns around the fact that the avocado is available for sandwiches, wraps and salads and even builds out a menu with sandwiches that feature avocado on them.
And let's not forget those countless television commercials and ads featuring avocados being available at Subway as the focal point (you remember the baby dressed as the avocado, right?).
The avocado arrives in the warmer months and then seemingly disappears as fall hits, so consumers tend to gravitate toward this delicious, healthy treat as quickly and frequently as possible.
As much loved as the avocado is, you have to wonder just what all the hype is about when it comes to this fruit.

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The avocado is the green nutritional monster of all summertime fruits. The rest of the bunches, watermelon, honeydew, strawberries and others, are green with envy when paired side by side with avocados.
The avocado contains more than 20 different vitamins and minerals, most notably Vitamin K. They're low in saturated fat and are considered one of the so called "good fats," the kind that you can ingest without guilt and added weight gain. And they're devoid of sodium as well.
The fats in avocados are the ones that are healthy for your heart, and the potassium levels outweigh the king of potassium, the banana. Increasing potassium levels helps with anything as simple as daily aches and pain or joint issues to something as serious as preventing a heart attack.
Yes, we can't forget taste either. The avocado works wonders as anything from a unique spread that it healthier on a sandwich than mayo or various dressings. The typically mild mannered avocado on its own can transform much like Bruce Banner into its own "Incredible Hulk" of a counterpart, guacamole, a clear cut summertime favorite with countless recipe variations for just about any party by the pool.
The avocado clearly is the rock star of all fruit. Think of it as that musical tour that comes around and then is gone before you know it. The avocado doesn't stick around for long but the time that it is available, people seemingly line up to get them as much as they can. And for those who aren't, you just don't know what you're missing.

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