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Trend sweaters: Why some women's fashion isn't always a favorite of men

OK, guys, tell us what you really think about what that woman is wearing; do you like those fluffy, over sized sweaters in the winter months? What do you really think when your girlfriend or significant other tells you that they just want to be comfy this week and opt to lose the form fitting apparel you love so much and instead opt for looser attire?
And what if your woman decides to change up her style all together and begins implementing a wardrobe that you're both not used to and, quite frankly, don't like?
That begs the question: are there certain fashion trends that men hate but women love. The issue lies mainly with the latter point of that question. Women probably have at least one or two styles that men find to be glitches in what is otherwise a fine, flawless fashion repertoire. Certainly, men have the right to their opinion, but pointing out what they don't like is more than just a slippery slope. It could be the difference between having a wonderful night out and sitting at home on the couch and eventually sleeping on it.
So what exactly, guys, do you find unattractive from a clothing standpoint?
The baggy clothing is a perfect place to start as men loathe the idea that they're staring at, for example, a sweater that is twice the size of the woman. That isn't to suggest that comfy clothing isn't always a bad thing, but it tends to get old after a while. You certainly can pair a larger than life sweater or shirt with something like stretch pants, and that look works but that holiday sweater with the reindeer on it has to go. For good.

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Hats can be another point of contention for men. Now, some times a woman looks super cute in a hat, particularly when you're taking in a ball game and she's wearing one designed specifically for her or if she decides to snag yours and pop it on her head, which is a huge turn on for guys. Where hats tend to go astray is the larger, floppy ones and others of that ilk. This isn't the Kentucky Derby so what's the need for covering up that gorgeous, flowing hair with a hat that looks like something you could swim in at any given moment.
As guys, we certainly don't have all the fashion answers. I mean, seriously, we still wear socks with sandals and refuse to give up our pleated pants. But we do know what we like on women, and there's nothing wrong with that. Broaching the subject, however, can lead to more harm than good so your best bet as a man is make it work and deliver your opinion only when asked.

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