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Water logged: Can your phone survive water damage?

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of consumers more so than that fateful moment when your smart phone slips out of your hand and goes flying through the air. Even worse than waiting for that inevitable crash on a sidewalk or other hard surface is when that smart phone takes a dumb bounce and lands in water.
Call it splash, instead of crash.
As much as a broken screen is hard to watch, water trumps all. The broken screen can be fixed at one of many locations for a few hundred dollars at worst, although that price has come down significantly in recent years as more of these types of locations, stores and kiosks has opened.
The water totally changes the game for smart phone users as they panic and start to think about how they can save their device as if they're over top a body trying to recall how to do CPR. That said, if you've dropped your phone in a toilet or made the mistake of transferring your phone to your swim suit and then jumping into the pool minus taking the phone out, all hope is not lost.
Some of the more old school remedies of how to treat a phone that is wet still hold water (yes, that pun was necessary). The dry rice still works and if you immerse your wet phone in dry rice, chances are pretty good that you'll have that phone preserved for future calls, texts and surfing the web.

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The hard part about this is finding the rice in general. If you're at someone's house and this happens, you'll probably feel at least a little awkward about asking for some rice for your phone, if they even have it lying around at all. For some, they carry around a small, sandwich sized bag of rice with them for just such an emergency.
What you don't want to do if you drop your phone in water is use some sort of device, like a hair dryer, to dry it as that can do more harm than good. You want to grab the phone as quickly as possible and dry it then start that rice search as soon as possible. It's also advisable after the water hits the phone to turn it off as well.
When all else fails and if you know yourself well, you can get phone insurance for a few dollars per month and have that peace of mind that when water hits your phone, you'll be perfectly fine to have it repaired or replaced.

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