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Father's play: What should you get dad for Father's Day?

Is it too early to start thinking about dad as it relates to Father's Day?
Just removed from Mother's Day, kids are starting to change their mindset from mom to dad as Father's Day is just around the corner.
You may have gotten away with giving mom flowers, but that isn't going to work with dad. Not this year, not ever. The ubiquitous dad gift for most is the necktie, but what about thinking a little further outside the box as it pertains to dad and trying to find him not necessarily the perfect gift but at least something with more creativity in mind.
Sometime, you forget that dad doesn't have to be the guy who wears the socks with the sandals or only is discussed from a gift standpoint as the guy who brings home the paycheck alongside mom and wears a suit and sits in the boardroom.
Maybe this year, dad deserves better. Maybe you can begin the gift search with a high end watch from a designer retail store, either physical or online.

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For starters, dad might be a sports fan so why not think about getting him season tickets or at least take him to a single game. If dad loves NASCAR for example and is always watching the 200 miles per hour cars fly by, imagine how much he would enjoy that same experience in person?
Dad also might be inclined to want to dress better, so along with the aforementioned watch, why not think about a membership to Trunk Club, a service that delivers high end clothes right to dad's door that go beyond the tie and well ahead of a pair of tennis shoes that you snagged at the last minute?
And as much as dad likes clothes (even if he doesn't, he'd appreciate some that aren't jean shorts and T shirts), he may like his entertainment options a little better. If you're not at liberty to buy him a smart TV, how about a Google Chrome stick, which allows you to stream Netflix and other online entertainment directly to your TV. What's even better is that you can use your wireless devices as a remote of sorts.
Much like mom, dad is going to enjoy and be grateful for anything he'd get. That said, you can earn some serious points with papa if you think through what he'd actually want and enjoy versus just going through the motions.

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