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Training pains: How to tame potty training for good

Moms and dads definitely find themselves struggling when it comes to potty training their toddlers, and the back and forth attempts can be taxing.
Taming a toddler to the point that you can will them to find the bathroom on their own is one of the bigger challenges parents face since the transition from diapers to potty training means less money spent on diapers and time spent changing them throughout the day.
How exactly do parents tame the trials and tribulations of potty training?
The answer to that isn't cut and dry by any means and is different for each parent, so some of the best parenting and subsequent potty training is done by listening and paying close attention to what works for others, even if there's no guarantee that it will be smooth sailing for all.
That said, most parents will try just about anything at this point.

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What seems to work best?
Consistency often trumps all as it pertains to potty training. That means putting your child on the potty in intervals mostly, such as every 20 minutes throughout the day. Nothing may happen of course but it gets them used to the habit of it, even if you still have to use diapers for quite some time after the first potty training dry run (literally).
One tip that most parents swear by is the no diaper for a day idea. All this means is your toddler is without clothes from the waist down, which forces them to look for somewhere else to go to the bathroom than the friendly confines of the diaper. Some would argue that kids like cool things, too, so why not use the toilet to your advantage. The flushing noise and sound often is alluring to kids, as silly as that may seem. Maybe let them try to do it themselves once and get in the habit of using the toilet.
When it comes to potty training, nothing is full proof. What works for one set of parents isn't always the answer for others but some of the aforementioned staples sound better than the alternative of having your toddler dictate when they're start potty training, rather than you setting the standards and ground rules sooner than later.

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