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Fasting food: Why some fast food meals are worth skipping

Ever wonder about fast food and what exactly is good versus bad?
Often times, we indulge in fast food and rarely ask questions centering on it, such as how is it ready so fast and wondering just what it is that we are eating?
Quite frankly, when it comes to time and being rushed, you have to assume that taste and quality take a bit of a back seat in the eyes of the customer. Sure, most fast food chains try to put that proverbial positive spin on their menus and add words like "summertime" when they're talking about salads or "home style" when they want the consumer to believe wholeheartedly that they're eating a chicken sandwich from somewhere other than a downtown store.
Truth is, some fast food is highly questionable and even those who have worked in the field can tell you that they'd steer clear of certain choices that they've even deemed to be unfit. Now, what this isn't about is unsanitary kitchens or cleanliness coming into question but rather how food is prepped or even the consistency of shipping, whether it is frozen or the type of meat, for example, we're actually ingesting.
Marketing is a wonderful practice because it can convince the average person that they're eating something healthier or higher grade then it actually is.

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Take for instance the chili from Wendy's, which is arguably one of the better fast food places as far as content and quality. The chili, however, isn't one of their better options. Rumor has it the meat used in the chili is just old hamburger meat. Some at Wendy's may argue otherwise, but it's hard not to taste the same consistency when you order a quarter pound burger and a cup of the famed chili.
Speaking of famed, McDonald's "McRib" is the definition of disgusting and hardly should be considered "ribs" by any means. There's no bone in this slippery slice of mystery meat but consumers seem to gravitate toward it even though by just a sight test it looks like something you'd use to hold up an uneven end table rather than put in your stomach.
Convenience often trumps all as it relates to how we're getting our food when time is of the essence. But your eyes might need to push your smell and practicality out of the way when it comes to picking not necessarily the best meal but at least one that isn't going to do more harm than good.

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