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Cheat card: How to tell if you're significant other is cheating?

From communication breaking down to a seemingly lack of interest from one of the parties involved, you almost have that gut feeling when you're around your significant other than they're no longer as interested in you as they once were and, worse yet, may be seeing someone else even though they're continually pledging their love and loyalty to you.
You can find any cliché you'd like to as it relates to what is actually happening. Is the "writing on the wall?" Perhaps. Is a picture (in this case the demeanor of the person in question worth a thousand words? Definitely.
No matter how you sum up your suspicions, whether you indulge or ignore them, you can look to a few profound, pertinent signs that you're being cheated on by your partner.
1. The intimacy comes to a halt: If he or she is no longer interested in being intimate with you, then drawing the conclusion that they're finding that aspect of the relationship somewhere else is a rudimentary connect the dots equation. You don't have to be an expert in relationships or math to figure out that zero plus zero is a goose egg that is all over your face as it relates to the fact that your partner is passing on being with you intimately.
2. He or she is going out alone more: You never want to be "that" type of significant other than prohibits your partner from going out with friends. But are you really being a pain in the rear if you have reason to suspect that the going out is happening much more frequently? Most likely, you're not over thinking what you're seeing. The big red flag is if they're going out with one of the girls or just hanging with the guys and they're dressed more like their going clubbing rather than watching a movie or the game in the man cave.

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3. Attention span is gone: Along with passing on spending time with you and instead opting to ignore the actual relationship, you also should be leery if when you're talking, no one, especially your partner, is listening. Communication breaking down is a sure fire sign that one of two things is happening: your partner is under an immense amount of stress at work or with the kids if applicable or she's not talking because he or she isn't wanting to let you know that you're yesterday's news. Pay particular attention if the communication changes drastically. That's not good. Period.

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