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Covering Up: Time To Retire Dad Or Grandpa's Hand Me Down Coat In Favor Of Something Fresh

As temperatures begin to cool, men migrate toward their closets, attics or storage areas in search of fall jackets that, for some, leave a lot to be desired.
Between that old, leather jacket that hasn't been fashionable since the 1990s or a heavy, hefty and grotesque grandpa coat that should have been retired graciously when it was gifted, men struggle to find a balance between relics and remarkable as far as outerwear goes.
Few men put much emphasis on a coat or jacket, simply suggesting that this article of clothing is nothing to write home about: it is simply a way to stay warm when the weather decides to go south.
What else is headed south other than the weather? Your style.
There's little doubt that a sensational suit, bombastic blazer or superb shoes certainly make for the eclectic, amazing ensemble but the jacket is a first impression, the outer skin of your outfit and no one wants to see a moth-ridden mess of a coat that makes what is underneath it all but meaningless or moot.

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Few brands sport the kind of distinctness and design aptitude as K-Way. The jackets range from windbreakers to waterproof and features coats for every season. What makes K-Way both functional and fun is the way the coats are cut, not bulky but rather slim-fitting but not tight or cumbersome.
Winter is the one season that stands out as being the toughest not only from a temperature standpoint but finding a coat that welcomes warmth and wondrous style. K-Way's Jacques Thermo Plus is both reversible and remarkable as a "bubble-style" coat that is incredible warm thanks to it being quilted and filled with goose-down. The benefit of the goose down filling is that it allows the coat to be not only padded and protected as far as keeping in heat but also less bulky: Think George Costanza's Gortex coat from Seinfeld only without the "puffball" attributes.
Another benefit of K-Way is its ability to incorporate fashion and style but makes the coats both practical and appealing to a demographic that perhaps has a budget in terms of what they can spend realistically on a jacket. The Thermo Plus is about $250 but its functionality is well worth the cost. But K-Way also features coats and jackets that are well below the $250 price range without sacrificing any of the characteristics that makes the brand some worthwhile.
A downfall or detriment of jackets or coats that mirror the sights of Fashion Week is that they're incredibly glamorous but a little too over the top for the demographic that won't walk down a runway in their lifetime. K-Way is one of the brands that manages to skip the fluff literally and figuratively and gets down to one simple outwear omen: make it simple, superb and so incredibly versatile that your grandfathers hand me down heirloom gets put on a hanger forever.

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