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Watch and learned: Why the smart watch was bad purchase

I can't get enough technology. Quite frankly, I love it.
When the latest iPhone is ready to debut, I'm in line. When the android tablets are tempting me with every curved edge and even sharper resolution screen, I can't resist.
From laptops to wireless speakers and headphones and everything in between, I'm hooked. You could argue that I have a serious gadget problem, but I digress that it is simply an appreciation for anything and everything dubbed "smart."
The irony is that I wasn't exactly smart, however, when I fell victim to the hype that was the smart watch, another toy that took my heart and broke it after I used it for a few days and felt totally underwhelmed with all that it had to offer (or lack there of).
Well, check that, I liked it. In fact at first, I loved it. But much like a lot of devices dubbed "smart," this watch felt increasing dumb both its execution and the fact that I took the time to buy into it and subsequently buy it as a result.

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Here's the thing, I like answering the phone on my wrist. It's cool. I like the idea that I just swipe my watch and never have to open up or take my phone out of my pocket. For me, the notion that the watch would make like easier sounded appealing to me.
A few months later, it became annoying. Think of it like the honeymoon period of a relationship. For the first few months, everything click. You're in heaven; their quirks are cute. Then in about 90 days or so, those quirks drive you crazy.
That's the smart watch as a whole and perfectly describes how I feel and then felt about my smart watch. I think one of the bigger gadget issues I have as a whole is not letting time pass to see how the product functions based on others who have used it or subsequent reviews. I have to start looking at my smart watches and other gadgets like I would a car. Would you buy a vehicle that's new, the first year it was made? Chances are, you wouldn't.
So why would smart watches or other products of that ilk be any different? They shouldn't.
Had that been the case perhaps the smart watch would have taken a back seat for at least a few years until the writing on the wall could be visible to a consumer like me.

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