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Flight plight: Why vacation is prime time to forget about spending

Vacation season is in full force, and money always seems to be a prevailing theme when it comes to not only planning but executing a trip with all things financial in mind.
Obviously, putting together a getaway that is equal parts enjoyable and prudent from a spending standpoint isn't always easy but paramount if you want to be certain you aren't spending next month's mortgage payment or phone bill on a jet ski rental or enough dinners to dash any hopes of keeping your money mattering or credit score afloat.
But beyond just spending or overspending for the sake of having an unforgettable vacation that you'll certainly remember once the bills start rolling in, you also have a tendency to forget about money in other ways as well.
For instance, have you ever been short a few dollars but really want to experience something on your vacation that is just out of your price range. You may look to credit cards as your salvation but that is still not the best decision, even if that impulse buy is right before your eyes and happening at the beach or some other destination that you've deemed satisfactory to make a bad spending decision.
You wouldn't be the first person who has ever taken a trip and decided to borrow money from his credit card for a less than enviable interest rate, and was stuck paying for it after the fact.

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Perhaps even more disheartening is the notion that while you're on vacation you somehow don't have to pay for your bills at home. Basically, it is easy to forget that something might be due, particularly if you didn't take care of it before you left and you're someone who pays for things as they go.
The real happy medium in this situation is vacationing and doing so without worrying about money while you're in the midst of the trip but also that balancing act at home with how you're paying bills and managing your finances.
Your good judgment often gets away from you when you're at the beach and that boat rental at $100 per hour seems like a steal, even though you're having trouble paying for your cable. It's at that moment when you come to that money crossroads and have to realize that short term bliss isn't worth long term headaches you'll be dealing with months after that vacation is over.

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