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Hair Raising: Fashion Week Means Great Clothes But Hair And Accessories Are Equally Important

Fashion Week is a whimsical, wondrous event filled with remarkable styles for the fall season but while clothing is the main attraction, other products probably aren't interested in playing second fiddle and feel they're just as potent as the potentially luxurious and lavish lines of clothing.
In addition to clothes, cosmetics gain plenty of notoriety as far as what items make for fall must haves. Essence cosmetics is a major player in that regard, with a litany of loveable, sexy and sophisticated selection that simply overtakes this particular industry.
From mascara that is majestic and waterproof to capturing the true essence of lip gloss, essence cosmetics is deeply rooted in not only quality but contemporary as far as what's hot for any season, in this case fall.
One of the hotter and more desired look for fall, in terms of cosmetics, is the smokey eye, which essence encapsulates with its eye pencil that is described as "jumbo" and works wonders to deliver that look with relative ease. In addition to a pencil that promotes the smokey eye specifically, essence cosmetics features everything from accessories and items for nails to pencils in all shapes and, most importantly, colors.
While essence undoubtedly cornered the Fashion Week market as far as makeup goes, Catwalk by TIGI is the renowned, reputable and well respected entity in the business of making hair transform from average to amazing.

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The presence of Catwalk at TIGI at Fashion Week was unbelievable as they've once again set the standard for the best looks for fall and making them easily attainable to the general public. Catwalk by TIGI sports an array of exceptional hair care products that range from mousse to mystical and magical hairspray. One of the more popular and trendy looks for fall is the long, tightly woven braid, a look that only goes as far as your hair care products.
Catwalk by TIGI can help you take that long, straight hair and transform in into something superb and stylish, thanks to a bevy of products that simply work. Even more inviting about Catwalk TIGI is that they're always quick to offer plenty of styling tips and "how to" guides in addition to great products for the consumer.
Some of the those sensational products that wowed at Fashion Week and can do wonders for you from the comfort of your own home are the Session Series Finishing Spray, Weightless Shine Spray and Look Lock Hairspray. The last product is especially useful when recreating easily the most unique hairstyle for fall, the top knot.
The ever-present and incredibly engaging and innovative line of products from both Catwalk TIGI and essence cosmetics makes for a tantalizing transformation for you, at home, as far as envisioning a fall look and then making it happen.

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