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Social miscues: Is your social media sucking life out of employment outlook?

Anyone who has ever completed a resume, submitted a cover letter or searched online for a job knows just how difficult it can be for all of your qualifications to register with a potential employer, given not only the number of other candidates but also the fact that you're being judged quickly and efficiently by someone scanning your resume and looking for a few keywords and moving on to the next.
Simply put, getting a job isn't what it used to be and hasn't been for quite some time.
So, with that, why would you want to sabotage your already slim chances for success in the job market? That's what some do every moment they engage in some sort of social media, whether it is a simple, so called harmless status update on Facebook or a back and forth war of the words on Twitter. As much as a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, it could render all of what you've done on that resume a moot point if your employer follows suit with what other companies are doing as it relates to finding talent.
They're scanning your social media accounts.
And that not only goes for would be employment but those who already have landed a job. You may not be fired per say, but you could find yourself up for a review and subsequent raise and left out in the cold cash wise when they tell you point blank that your social media isn't appropriate, even if you believe that isn't relevant.

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Whether you're in the hunt for a job or have one, you want to be certain you're playing your social media cards correctly. You want to steer clear of racy photos or content that can be looked upon as objectionable. That's not to say you can't show photos of you at a concert, having fun or in a bathing suit at a party, but keep in mind that pseudo "big brother" in the form of human resources is quietly pulling up your information.
And even if you think setting your account to private is your social media salvation, think again. You still are public and so is your info. A recent poll suggested that almost 90% of employer or recruits check out social media sites before offering a job, a staggering percentage when you consider the relative newness of social media.
Furthermore, your social media presence and negativity isn't just about you and what you're doing. You should avoid bashing a current or former employer online. It looks bad, and your new employer isn't going to see that as favorable but rather unprofessional at worst.
Social media is about networking, getting your name out there and when used correctly, creating a dynamite profile and portfolio that gets you noticed. The flip side is flaunting all the wrong things and creating more harm than good. Even if it is all in good fun.

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