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So long, sucker: How you know you're about to get dumped

No one likes getting dumped. In fact, you probably hate that feeling.
What is worse, however, is having that premonition that it is coming and having to essentially wait for the inevitable to happen, sort of like hearing your company is in the midst of cutbacks and you know the hammer is about to fall right on your lap.
Getting dumped is no different. You can tell right away whether your significant other is on their way out the door, just with a few changes in demeanor and behavior, some of which are quite easy to spot and rather blatant.
Take for instance your texting and calling habits: have they changed dramatically? What once was an adorable, loving back and forth patter of texting or not waiting more than a half ring to answer the phone when your person calls has transformed into not hearing from the person for the entire day or phone calls that are short and hardly sweet. In fact, they become downright brutal.
You'll also want to pay close attention to behavior patterns that seem new. Like if he or she all of a sudden skips making plans with you and instead wants to hang out with her friends all the time or steers clear of family functions or doing something with you in a group setting with your friends.

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That also tends to lead to a lack of intimacy, and your significant other not holding your hand, kissing you or even wanting to put a hand on your shoulder. If you approach, and the person pulls away, chances are they'll be leaving for good relatively soon.
So how do you handle this?
Well, there's always the chance that you could be overthinking the situation and calling the person on their behaviors recently could make things worse. So, if your partner is going through a stressful time, then be aware of that before you start tossing out accusations.
Once you start to see the overt changes (no intimacy, no communication or not making it a point to spend time with you), then you can broach the subject in a positive manner, showing that you care and want to fix it.
It may be too late for that gesture, but at least you're trying. The other option is ignoring the obvious and waiting patiently to get that fateful four words put on your door step.
"We need to talk."
That never ends well, and relationships in that same vein aren't any different.

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