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Joe Blow: Why Mike's Manganiello is the every man you can appreciate

I've never seen "Magic Mike." I won't be seeing the sequel.
It has nothing to do with the content as far as male stripping, either. That doesn't bother me a bit. And I'm sure the story within the movie is just fine as plenty of men have seen it, perhaps just as many as women for it to be such a box office success.
The sequel undoubtedly will do just as well.
One actor from the ensemble cast is one that I truthfully admire in the sense that he seems like the every day guy you'd want hang out with; he seems down to earth and embraces what some would consider faults.
As a 35 year old guy in good shape, I am not really happy with the fact that my hair on the sides of my head are gray and my beard looks like I'm a few years away from looking like Santa Claus. I realize these are petty, inconsequential things in the grand scheme of having my health and being active and fit.

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Manganiello also is sporting the gray in his hair and beard. He's only three years older than me, and I appreciate the fact that he's going gray and not having any issues with leaving it be. There's no hair dye involved, unless of course he's going to be in a movie, and his beard is left alone even if the red carpet is beckoning his call.
He dresses well when he has to be, but as a look men can appreciate and try to emulate: it's simple with henley, long sleeved shirts or classic white T shirts that fit him well. He's obviously also into grooming that is second to none with his beard left in tact but kept trimmed so as to not look so unkempt and burly. He's fluctuated hair from short on the sides to a longer look on top (a new favorite) but also has had traditional longer hair too.
Manganiello isn't a leading man. He's an actor that gets parts based on his looks and physique, which he's most likely fine with admitting. But from a guy's perspective, he's the dude you see on the big screen that you want to buddy up with and strive to be on a lot of clothing, looks, exercise and any other level that is topical. To hear him talk, too, he isn't pretentious but rather humble and cool in the same breath.
Mostly, he's not afraid to get old. He almost seems like the guy who would welcome the age of 40 and tell anyone who will listen that he'll get better with age. I don't believe in role models other than parents, but Manganiello has the characteristics that you'd like to see in most celebrities. a

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