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Snack attacked: Why your junk food aptly deserves that name

Snacking is something we all do. Some more than others. And while the term "snacking" often caries with it a negative connotation, you really shouldn't shy away from it.
But you should be doing it correctly.
And yes, there is a right and wrong way to snack. The right way includes eating several small meals per day to boost your metabolism, and including as part of that menu items that are rich in protein, low in fats and help with stubborn problem areas on your body like the tummy but also stave off diabetes and heart disease in the process.
Small meals that make the grade are things like apples or other fruit (although you should try to eat most of your fruit and carbohydrates in the morning), almonds, eggs (hard boiled make great, quick snacks), bananas and other items of that ilk.
Where snacking goes awry is quite simply when the food turns from favorable to junk rather quickly. Now, we all know what junk food looks and tastes like. The obvious items are easy to spot, such as cheese curls or puffs, potato chips, pork grinds, ice cream or sweets such as cakes, cookies and pies.

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Those are high in sugar and sodium, and only serve to make you feel hungrier. You also want to stay clear of diet drinks, which actually cause weight gain and contain aspartame, a phony sweetener that makes you want to eat more, actually.
Often the consumer assumes that items that are packaged and marketed as healthy are done so because that's exactly what they are: healthy. They're not. Be concerned with supposed baked chips or sodium rich snacks that claim to be whole wheat or made of rye. Makers of these snacks try to sell the items based on buzz words we all know and gravitate toward as being healthy options.
The summer months often are synonymous with parties, and you should be searching out that fruit or veggie tray rather than focusing on the litany of dips that you'll need to dissect to determine if they're truly healthy. Stay away from cheese ridden dips, particularly if they're made with products like Cheez Whiz, which will blast you with a ton of sodium and actually higher in fat than you'd believe.
Like anything else, serving size also plays a big role in how you're choosing your snacks too. Moderation is paramount, but a lot of products show a low fat or sodium content because the serving size is so small. That's a dead giveaway that you're about to ingest a snack that is hardly savory.
Making snacking work in your favor isn't hard. The decision on what to eat can be, however.

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